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Welcome to The Haven- formerly GH & PC Heaven!


I started GH & PC Heaven in 1999 and love running this site.  I switched the name to The Haven after “Port Charles” was cancelled.


There is a section called “Remember Port Charles” that you can visit to get links, list of actors and actresses on the show and birthdays.  For current information on the cast of PC, visit the message board under “Port Charles News”.


All of the GH related stuff will be listed under GH News and will continue to be updated as much as possible.  So either check back often or join the mailing list to get notified when the site is updated.  If the mailing list is not working, please email me and I will add you.  If you take anything from the site that is not listed elsewhere, please site it.  I would really appreciate it.


I would like to thank everyone who visits the site.  I know that I don’t update regularly anymore.  I am extremely busy with work, school and home life.  I appreciate you all that keep checking though!


If you have any suggestions about the site or would just like to contact me for whatever reason, email me at Hector4482@yahoo.com.






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I send out my thoughts, prayers and deepest thanks to all of the service men and women defending and fighting for our great country.  My thoughts also go out to their families during this time and pray for their safe and quick return.  I also pray for President Bush and all of the men and women making the choices for our nation.  God Bless America!


Even if you don’t support the war, SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!!!


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Thursday, January 6th at 2:30pm

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Disclaimer:  I am in no way affiliated with ABC, General Hospital, Port Charles, or any of the cast/crew.  I am just an obsessed fan making a website for the enjoyment of myself and others.  This site is not meant to infringe on any copyright laws.  If you have any problems with the material used in the making of this site, please contact me.  This site does not condone the copying of any material from this site for use on others.  Please be respectful of the time and energy I have put into The Haven (Formerly General Hospital & Port Charles Heaven) and do not take anything you see here.  That includes designs, graphics, pictures, and the written material.  If you want permission to use anything, please email me and we can discuss the terms of usage.  Thank you.


All material on this site unless otherwise noted is © 1999-2005 The Haven